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Stormacht's Rebirth part 1

Posted by Quinn Norton on December 28, 2012 at 3:35 AM Comments comments (0)

*....*= Action

<<....>> = Force speak

*stormacht exits hyperspace and enters orbit around the planet Falleen. He looks out the window*

"So this is where im from. "

*stormacht decends to the planets surface to a remote area*

* the ship lands on the surface and stormacht exits, he looks around, he cloaks his ship and walks away from the ship*

*stormacht walks around slowley remembering things from his past on geography, more hurtful images fly across his mind of all the deaths, Stormacht falls on his knees in pain and anger, dark energy surrounds him, he grabs his head and bends forward in pain*

*stormacht dispels the dark energy and memories and he rises sensing something from the east so he starts running in that direction. *

"there is something here"

*stormacht heads toward the looming mountains as he emerges from the jungle he head towards the snowy mountains. as he approaches the mountains something or someone enters his mind*

unknown: <<yes concentrate we will be waiting for you>>

Stormacht:<<What do you mean who are you>>

U:<<search your feelings you will know>>

*it starts examining his body, stormacht can feel it*

S:<<what the hell>>

U:<<you have chosen the right path shadow assassin>>

S:<<what the...>>

*stormacht searches with his feeling trying to identify this unknown being thats infiltrating him*

U:<<a little help? you knew me.>>


U:<<Yes im dead been dead for two years>>


*stormacht searches and soon has many answers, the voice sounds familiar of a girl or women*

U:<<almost there>>

S:<<are you part of my deceased family or villiage?>>

U:<<yes family actually>>

*the word triggers stormachts memories of his family all flash before his eyes*

S:<<Damn you Bitch>>

*stormacht falls back down to his knees*

U:<<bitch am i, i am not even close to that>>

*the response that was given helped him narrow down his thought he knew that response*

S:<<that is something my wife would say Annaria is that you>>

Annaria:<<good you got it>>

*A pleasurable feeling takes him over stormacht smiles and tears start to form*

S:<<i didnt know i would hear you again, i miss you dearly, im sorry i wasnt there to save you>>

*a force ghost of Annaria appears in front of him*

S:<<can i touch you>>

A:<<not yet focus on me in your memories and i will become real to you and you can touch me>>

*stormacht concentrates on the memories of him and her and the memories they had together*

*stormacht soon remembers her how she was how she felt in life*

A:<<good concentrate>>

S:<<those memories, i miss you so very much>>

A:<<i do too but i am pretty dead take off your mask so i can see your face now>>

*Annaria force ghost touches his hand like in real life, Stormacht smiles but shocked it worked, he takes his mask off and puts it in his new robes.*

S:<<you seem just as beautiful as before>>

*stormacht smiles and hugs annaria*

A:<<i can see the stress and pain you went since you lost us, but i can still see the man i married in you, but more powerful.>>

*stormacht smiles and hugs more*

S:<<the days been lonly without you>>

A:<<i can see that but we are in the past move on I will always be here *touches his heart* and here *touches his head*>>

S:<<i need to get my memories back can you help me with it>>

A:<<the memories are always there you just locked them away, open your mind ill help you>>

*annaria reaches into stormacht head digs around and releases the memories, stormacht falls to the ground everything flooding in to his mind. He just lays there*

A:<<You will be up soon enough i will wait. you sure locked a lot of memories>>


A:<<shhhhh rest you will come to soon and ill explain>>

*stormacht blacks out*